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Discussion Series "Protecting Academic Freedom"

Academic freedom is under threat around the world. The freedom to engage in academic thought and academic work is restricted in many countries by means of individual and institutional attack. Authoritarian regimes persecute scholars and academic institutions and subject them to various forms of repression – ranging from physical threats and violence to legal persecution, the withdrawal of academic positions and political interference in their research and teaching activities. The restriction of academic freedom can also take other forms, such as hate speech or public defamation. Working conditions that encourage damaging rivalries, structural dependency, and prejudice-based limitations on access to science or funding can also have a negative impact on academic freedom.

The ZEIT STIFTUNG BUCERIUS is strongly opposed to the restriction of academic freedom and is addressing this issue with the discussion series “Protecting Academic Freedom”, which is being organized together with the Volkswagen Foundation at the Unter den Linden branch of the Berlin State Library. The series adopts international perspectives in examining how freedom of academic thought and work is being restricted and how it can be better protected. Following panel discussion, the audience is invited to enter into direct exchange with experts from science, politics and society in a more informal lounge setting. The Tagesspiegel is participating as media partner.

Contact person:
Matthias Koch, Project Manager, koch@zeit-stiftung.de





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